Darcy Moon fan art! Woo!

So I have in my hot little hands my first pieces of fan-art of Darcy Moon and the various inhabitants of the swamp! Very excited.  I’d like to thank the two artists who MAY OR MAY NOT BE my children (they are) for drawing (and in some cases cutting and colouring and glueing) these amazing pieces of art.


FIRST! Kael doesn’t like to mess around – he gets in there – draws what he wants and BAM! the job is done. Thanks Kael for drawing an awesomely derpy looking frog and another frog who finds it all a bit funny.


SECOND! Kara (Yes, both my kids names start with K, and I even have a third which also starts with K. Great idea that was!) draws an awesome picture of Darcy Moon!


THIRD! If that wasn’t enough Kara also created this great picture of Jumpy which she then cut out and stuck onto a lilypad with Wizen.


THIRD AND A HALF! And if that wasn’t enough she even coloured and cut out spots to go on the back of Jumpy. That’s dedication for you.


Thanks to the both of you for what will be hopefully the first of many awesome fan frogs for us! You can send us your froggy drawings by emailing me aaattt michaelscottparkinson@gmail.com !

Plus I will be doing some talks and presentations coming up where hopefully we will get to do some frog drawings!

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