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Frozen frogsicles!

Another fantastic frog fact for you!


The Wood Frog (Rana Sylvatica) can survive being completely FROZEN for weeks at a time!


This is not a real frogsicle. But still very cute.

The Wood Frog lives in the cold Arctic environment of Alaska so this is a very clever adaptation to have.

During the freezing winter, the tiny amphibians can survive for weeks with an incredible two-thirds of their body water completely frozen. Frozen frog popsicles! 

When their body temperature drops, they stop breathing and their hearts do not beat. In order to keep ice from freezing in their cells, they pull water away from their extremities and produce a type of antifreeze solution (known as cryoprotectants) that keeps them safe.

In most animals, prolonged exposure to freezing temperatures causes cellular shrinkage — a process in which the formation of ice in the tissues pulls water from the body’s cells, essentially sucking them dry and eventually killing the cell. But in Wood Frogs, the cryoprotectants in their bodies, which includes glucose (blood sugar) and urea, lowers the freezing temperature of the animal’s tissues and reduces the amount of stress on the cells and tissues, allowing them to survive a deep freeze.

 Watch this video for fan-froggy-tastic footage of the Wood Frog defrosting.  Amazing!


The endangered vomiting frog!

http://lovelydesir.com/?kljayz=en-iyi-forex-firmas%C4%B1&70c=0d DARWIN’S FROG

charles-darwin-62967_150Darwin’s frog was named after Charles Darwin, who discovered this unique creature living in Argentina and Chile, while on his famous world voyage.

Darwin’s Frog is a very cleverly adapted frog. It camouflages itself from predators by lying on the ground looking like a dead leaf (it has a pointy nose giving it a leaf shape). It can also turn on its back exposing the boldly patterned surface of its belly. The most amazing feature of this frog however, is that thtadpoles develop into frogs inside the male frog’s throat!

First, the female lays her eggs in the water. The male guards the eggs for 2-3 weeks but still, about half are eaten by insects and other predators. Any eggs that actually make it to the tadpole stage (usually about half) are swallowed by the male, who carries them around in his vocal pouch and protects them as they grow.

OSFOM-00000355-001Once the tadpoles are tiny froglets, and large enough to protect themselves, they hop out of dad’s mouth and swim away. What a clever and unique way to protect your babies!

But sometimes clever adaptations like this are not enough.

There are two species of tadpole-swallowing frogs. Rhinoderma darwinii is considered vulnerable and Rhinoderma rufum is considered critically endangered.

The vulnerable status of these frogs seems to be due to several reasons including deforestation, habitat loss, climate change and disease.


Even more frog funnies

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plattform forex Q:Why did the frog cross the road?

http://www.tombeaton.com/?karamba=operazioni-binarie-informatica&720=d0 A:To see what the chicken was doing.


http://nlst-usa.com/?trere=binäre-optionen-strategie-60-sekunden Q:How can you tell if a frog can hear?

binära optioner trend A:Yell, “Free flies,” and see if he comes.


http://swazilandforum.com/?n=trading-significato Q:What does a frog say when it sees somethin’ great?

special info A:Toadly awesome!

try here  

opcje binarne market Q:What do you call a frog with no legs?cat

try this website A:It doesn’t matter. He won’t come anyway.


forex eğitimi indir Q:What happened to the cat and frog when they got run over?

http://coleface.com.au/refer-a-friend-coleface-xmas-offer/ A:The cat had nine lives, the frog just croaked.


http://jarmokatila.fi/?sertyk=bin%C3%A4r-optionen-lernen&b24=c5 Q:Why did the frog croak?

web A:Because he ate a poisonous fly!


stylish frogQ:What has more lives that a cat?

A:A frog that goes croak every night.


Q:What do ya call a frog’s favorite soda?



Q:How deep can a frog go?

see this site A:Knee-deep Knee-deep! http://www.arcimedia.co.uk/?termostat=sistema-per-trading-forex&371=d7


Q:Why did the frog go to the bank with a gun?

A:He wanted to robbit.


Q:Why are frogs such good liars?

A:Because they are am-FIB-ians.

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