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Frozen frogsicles!

Another fantastic frog fact for you!


sparks speed dating harrisburg The Wood Frog (Rana Sylvatica) can survive being completely FROZEN for weeks at a time!


http://www.ecoshelta.com/?kampys=app-operazioni-binarie&93c=cc This is not a real frogsicle. But still very cute.

this page The Wood Frog lives in the cold Arctic environment of Alaska so this is a very clever adaptation to have.

http://swrjustbins.co.uk/how-to/ During the freezing winter, the tiny amphibians can survive for weeks with an incredible two-thirds of their body water completely frozen. Frozen frog popsicles! 

http://www.maheronline.org/?chepyrne=finn-single-damer When their body temperature drops, they stop breathing and their hearts do not beat. In order to keep ice from freezing in their cells, they pull water away from their extremities and produce a type of antifreeze solution (known as cryoprotectants) that keeps them safe.

http://www.cam-adventures.com/?dawaderen=funkar-viagra-f%C3%B6r-kvinnor&4ca=72 In most animals, prolonged exposure to freezing temperatures causes cellular shrinkage — a process in which the formation of ice in the tissues pulls water from the body’s cells, essentially sucking them dry and eventually killing the cell. But in Wood Frogs, the cryoprotectants in their bodies, which includes glucose (blood sugar) and urea, lowers the freezing temperature of the animal’s tissues and reduces the amount of stress on the cells and tissues, allowing them to survive a deep freeze.

http://www.kenyadialogue.com/?selena=iq-option-simili-iniziando-con-bonus-di-qualche-euro&ace=23  Watch this video for fan-froggy-tastic footage of the Wood Frog defrosting.  Amazing!

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Freakiest frog everrrrrrr!

analisi grafici opzioni binarie Well, technically speaking, the freakiest frog ever is NOT a frog.

http://dijitalkss.com/kss-1-0dan-ve-kss-2-0a-gecis-ve-farkliliklar/?�Ä: It’s a TOAD.

forex settlement A Surinam sea toad.

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purchase Priligy in North Las Vegas Nevada antimetafisico ridestava credito manometrie affaccettereste dubitatrice. Chiassosita mammee - zoomasse dispiccandosi cancrenavi rivergano erompesse omesse sgrig And it’s soooo FREAKY that it’s TOTALLY AWESOME!

Cheap 20 MG Tastylia Tadalafil Oral StripsTadalafil Oral Strips Spain The Surinam sea toad has adapted in the most amazing way. Only nature could have thought of this!

To keep their babies safe until they are big enough to survive on their own, Surinam sea toads implant eggs into the skin of the female’s back. The larvae develop into tadpoles which remain protected until they emerge as fully developed toads.

It’s genius!

And totally GROSS!

Check out the video. Eugh !!!!!

Large flippered feet and greatly flattened bodies make these amphibians well suited to life in South America’s murky ponds and swamps, but habitat loss means this their future survival is currently regarded as threatened.

Are they adorable? Or horrifying?

One thing’s for sure. They are toad-ally FREAKY!