Atwell PP3 Visit + Storylines Festival Hey ho – Michael here. As I mentioned last week I went out to visit one of Atwell Primarys preprimary classes where I got to do silly drawings, jump around like a frog and basically act like a doofus (What I do best!).  They all drew frogs for me and they were AWESOME! BUT – the frogs were so good and SO awesome that they all jumped right off the page and went back to their swamp! Lucky I got a picture of them all jumping about in their natural habitat. They all look quite happy don’t you think?

Get More Info Lucky I scanned every drawing first so if you want to see the complete drawings click here to go to my Flickr page.

click here now Also I will be at the All Saints Storylines festival tomorrow and the next day talking to Pre-primary through to Yr 3 kids about illustrating, Darcy Moon and the awesomeness of books in general so I should have some good stuff to talk about or show next week! Click on the picture for some full size froggy goodness.

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