Class visits are FUN!

ava trade gebühren Note: OK, OK, due to technical issues the video thing isn’t happening right now but I will get on it! SOON! PROMISE. In the meantime you can read this..

dig this So I went and visited a pre-primary class today! I talked about why books are so awesome and drew some of our favourite things on the board that we like to read about. The class then explained to me how to draw a frog cos I seemingly for a split second entirely forgot what frogs look like! I still think they DO have dinosaur tails but anyway… We finished up by looking at some pictures from Darcy Moon and talking about what was happenning in the pictures and what the characters would be like and then they drew their own frogs!  I’ll be posting their frogs up on the website soon (maybe the weekend) but I wanted to thank PP3 at Atwell Primary school for letting me come in and talk to them. It was my first time talking to a group of kids in over a year (I used to be a childrens librarian and talked to groups 3 or 4 times a week) and I had a lot of fun!

managed account binäre optionen Afterwards we walked over to the library and donated a (signed of course with a silly drawing) copy of Darcy Moon to the school library so if anyone’s reading this from Atwell you have no excuses :P

see here  

why not try these out I can’t wait to post the pictures soon – I have some fun ideas of what to do with them.. Hmmn, I wonder what THAT could mean…