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Freakiest frog everrrrrrr!

handla med binära optioner flashback Well, technically speaking, the freakiest frog ever is NOT a frog.

www interactiveoptions com It’s a TOAD. A Surinam sea toad.

follow url And it’s soooo FREAKY that it’s TOTALLY AWESOME! The Surinam sea toad has adapted in the most amazing way. Only nature could have thought of this!

isis oggi notizie "> To keep their babies safe until they are big enough to survive on their own, Surinam sea toads implant eggs into the skin of the female’s back. The larvae develop into tadpoles which remain protected until they emerge as fully developed toads.

It’s genius!

And totally GROSS!

Check out the video. Eugh !!!!!

Large flippered feet and greatly flattened bodies make these amphibians well suited to life in South America’s murky ponds and swamps, but habitat loss means this their future survival is currently regarded as threatened.

Are they adorable? Or horrifying?

One thing’s for sure. They are toad-ally FREAKY!


How to draw a book cover

For this week I thought I’d show the behind the scenes origin of the book cover.

I was so excited when I was asked to draw the cover! I was thinking of an epic type of movie poster style cover (think of Star Wars!) and was asked to send a rough layout showing what I was thinking. So I sent this.

unused Darcy cover

See how my drawings start out? The idea is supposed to be Darcy standing there surrounded by the swamp animals with the other characters of the book in the background.  It was suggested though that something a little simpler might be better and Cate (the amazing editor of the book) liked the idea of Darcy and Jumpy both jumping together.

I cant find my initial scribbles for those but she liked one of them so I went ahead and refined it to this!


Still not quite right though. Can you see what’s different? There’s 2 key things.

The first problem? Too many frogs! I draw all this on the computer and had the frogs on a separate ‘layer’ which means if i turn off the layer the frogs disappear. Poor frogs. But its ok! They ended up on the back cover of the book! Hooray!



Which one do you like? I like the yellow guy myself with the tongue. :)

So the frogs are gone and the drawing is set. Time to start colouring.  First I did what’s called ‘flats’ and added the basic colour to the picture. (fun side note – I’ve worked on comic books over the last several years doing this. I’ve got to work on Superman, Spider-man, The Avengers, Batman and more! Yay!)



And THEN finally put the lines back in and add the shadows and lighting and stuff like that..I kept the background transparent so we could put ANY colour behind it. Just imagine the picture is on a sheet of glass that we can put on top of any coloured piece of paper.


Besides no background colour can you guess what the last difference is? Darcy’s eyes! Apparently she looked kind of scary and looking at her like that she DOES look kinda weird I think. So I popped some real eyes on her, added a background and voila! (Hey guys, I didn’t add all the words and stuff – some other fine folks at Fremantle Press did that. Didn’t they do an awesome job with it?)



Phew! And that’s how the cover was drawn! Stay tuned next week where I go through how EVERY SINGLE DRAWING IN THE ENTIRE BOOK! WAS DONE…maybe not..  should hopefully post the very first piece of fanart for Darcy Moon and the deep-fried frogs! Exciting!




Top ten frog adaptations

All animals adapt to survive in the wild, and frogs are no exception. Here is a list of the top ten physical adaptations that enable frogs to thrive in wetlands.

dating solutions 1. Legs: Frogs have very powerful back legs and webbed feet that help them swim and jump.

croaking-frogSome frogs even use their legs to dig, or burrow underground for hibernating. Certain frogs can jump up to 20 times their own body length in a single bound.

si guadagna davvero con le opzioni binarie 2. Skin: Frogs can breathe though their skin so they can stay underwater as long as they want. 3. Skin: Frogs don’t drink water through their mouths at all, instead they soak it into their bodies through their skin.




Source 4. Skin: Frog skin is often camouflaged to hide from predators. Some frogs can change the colour of their skin depending on its surroundings. 5. Skin: Some frogs secrete poison through their skin. Many of the more easily visible, brightly colored tropical frogs are colored in this way to warn predators that they are poisonous. anyoption zahlt nicht aus 6. Croaks: Frogs attract each other for mating with their croak. Each frog species has a distinct croak. They have vocal sacs, which fill with air, and can amplify the sound up to a mile away.

check here 7. Tongue: When a frog spots a tasty meal, it flicks out its long, sticky tongue. The tongue wraps around the meal/insect and pulls it back into the frog’s mouth. Unlike humans, a frog’s tongue is not attached to the back of its mouth. Instead it is attached to the front, enabling the frog to stick its tongue out much further.

my company 8. Teeth: Frogs do have teeth, but they are small and not good for chewing. Instead, close-up-frogfrogs use their teeth to hold their prey in their mouths until they are ready to swallow.

youtube binäre optionen strategie 9. Eyes: Frogs swallow using their eyes. Its eyes retract into its head and push the food down its throat. Frog’ eyes are on top of their heads so when they swim close to the surface of the water, only their eyes are exposed. This way, they can quickly spot danger before danger spots them. 10. Eyes: Frogs can see forwards, sideways and upwards all at the same time and never close their eyes, even when they sleep. They even have a third eyelid which is see-through and protects the frog’s sensitive eyes when it is under water.

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