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All Saints Storylines Festival

Ohio job family services online Hellloooo everybody – Michael here.

enter site At the end of March I was lucky enough to be invited to All Saints Storyline festival. Which was a hugely cool thing.  Somehow they invited me along with a bunch of real writers and illustrators to come out and talk to the kids about books and illustrating! Silly them making a mistake like that.

great post to read I had 3 sessions over the two days with kids ranging from pre-primary through to years 3-4 and I had so much fun. I hope everyone that came along did too. It was extra cool that some kids had already read Darcy Moon.

More about the author I brought my graphics tablet and TRIED to connect it up to the big screen and showed how I could draw straight on the tablet…BUT technical issues made it very hard to draw anything better than a stick figure. Which was embarassing :) SO I tried to go back to the whiteboard which wouldn’t rub out…which was embarassing :) BUt hey! Whatever. We all had fun! click here now THESE frogs for instance are spending some time on a tropical beach in Greece. Not jealous at all. Really I’m not.  You can check back every week to see where the frogs are next and if YOU came to see me when i was visiting your school you might just find your frog in one of the pictures.

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Atwell PP3 Visit + Storylines Festival Hey ho – Michael here.

opcje binarne pit As I mentioned last week I went out to visit one of Atwell Primarys preprimary classes where I got to do silly drawings, jump around like a frog and basically act like a doofus (What I do best!).  They all drew frogs for me and they were AWESOME! BUT – the frogs were so good and SO awesome that they all jumped right off the page and went back to their swamp! Lucky I got a picture of them all jumping about in their natural habitat. They all look quite happy don’t you think?

watch Lucky I scanned every drawing first so if you want to see the complete drawings click here to go to my Flickr page. Also I will be at the All Saints Storylines festival tomorrow and the next day talking to Pre-primary through to Yr 3 kids about illustrating, Darcy Moon and the awesomeness of books in general so I should have some good stuff to talk about or show next week! Click on the picture for some full size froggy goodness.



AISS Colouring Comp WINNERS!


By Heidi Shaw, 5S


By Kaitlyn Tomizzi, 5R


By Olivia Davis, 3H


What a talented bunch of kids at the Australian International School. Michael Scott Parkinson’s colouring in sheets were a HUGE hit. We had so many fantastic entries to our colouring-in competition. It was almost impossible to pick only 10 winners. So we picked 15!

Here they are. The top 15 AISS colouring-in sheets!


By Heidi Shaw, 5S


By Oliver Rogers, 3B


By Alice O’toole, 3B



By Eden, 4F


By Maryam Rennison, 4F



By Sofia Bahia, 5M



By Willow Butler, 3B


By Daniel Burnand, 3B


By Ella Carracher, 5A


By Melody, Su Shen Yue, 5A


By Hannah Fitzpatrick, 3B




By Imanol, 4K

Congratulations to all the winners. And thanks to EVERYONE who entered. Perhaps you can find your artwork in the picture below?

























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