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Who invented potato chips?

För Viagra 130 mg ingen recept chipsPotato Chips are the world’s most popular savoury snack.

binäre optionen 1 stunde So who would have guessed, they were invented as a JOKE!

enter site It’s true! In 1853, a native American named GEORGE CRUM was working as a chef and restaurant owner in Saratoga Springs. A super annoying customer kept sending his french-fries back to the kitchen saying they were too thick and soggy. It was a hot day and George lost his patience with the fussy customer. He sliced the potatoes as thin as possible, fried them to a crisp then added a heap of salt. Expecting the customer to dislike them, he served them with a self-satisfied flourish … and the customer loved them!

var köper man Sildenafil Citrate på nätet George Crum George Crum had accidentally invented the potato chip – a snack that was eventually mass-produced and sold in bags, providing thousands of jobs nationwide and across the globe.

binäre optionen forum 2017 These days $15 billion dollars worth of potato chips are consumed world wide every year!

free binary options trading software download In the UK alone, a tonne of chips (or crisps as they are known there) are consumed every three minutes. That’s enough to fill an Olympic sized swimming pool every 14 hours!

see it here No wonder Sid Bellows made so much money out of Skippity Chips!

Yay – COMICS! Yay!

order seroquel xr You know – I feel bad for the other swamp animals. The frogs are getting all the attention. You know what? If there’s any swamp creatures you’d like to see comics of email me and tell me what they are and I’ll do a comic about them. Click on the contact bar at the top to find out where to contact me!

have a peek at these guys  

binära optioner funkar Hey I just had a great idea for a swamp creature next time! (Dinosaurs count as swamp creatures right)

binaire opties ig markets frogsresized

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ikili opsiyon güvenilir mi Click on the comic  to actually be able to read it!

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